Successful projects are the best reference

Here you can find a small selection of recent projects where our products are in use.

Research Center Hamburg, Germany

Blind control with sun tracking for 1490 venetian blinds inside insulating glass.
390 KNX Blind Actuators SC 4-fold
220 Switching Power Supplies DC
Blind Control Center with Touch-Display
Weather Station with GPS

Hospital Vienna, Austria

Comfort control for 6000 venetian blinds inside insulating glass units.
1600 KNX Blind Actuators SC 4-fold
1600 Switching Power Supplies DC

Apartment House Munich, Germany

Comprehensive KNX building automation for lighting, blinds, room temperature control and multi-room-audio.
120 KNX Glass Touch Sensors in different variants
55 KNX Room Thermostats (Glass Touch Series)
Touch Displays (iPad/iPod, Touch Panel, KNX)
Multi-Room-Audio-Systems controlled by KNX Glass Touch Switches

Hotel Dubai, UAE

Luxury hotel with comprehensive KNX building automation in the guest rooms.
550 KNX Glass Touch Sensor Consoles for the bedside tables (customized design)
550 KNX Glass Touch Door Sensor with Bell sensor, DND/MUR symbols and card reader integration

Hospital Malmo, Sweden

Comfort controls for 400 blinds in the 50 patient rooms of the hospital.
55 KNX Blind Actuators
110 KNX IR Receiver
100 IR Remote Controls

Youth Hostel Munich, Germany

Room temperature control with relative target temperature setting in the 120 guest rooms.
165 KNX Room Thermostats

Technology Center Munich, Germany

Control with sun tracking for 230 sliding glass elements in the facade.
36 KNX Controller for sliding glass elements